Christmas Figures & Characters

Normally it’s only in the movies that Christmas characters come alive, but with our superbly modeled outdoor Christmas figures you can create your own magical world populated by snowmen, reindeer, polar bears, and, of course, Santa Claus. Ready to make an impact inside or outside your home, especially when illuminated with internal LEDs that, although very energy efficient, sparkle with intense light. They are the ideal way to add humour and Christmas spirit to every house and garden, so browse our range of Christmas figures and characters for sale online today.

Inside of a home where a Christmas tree has standing plush figures next to it including a Santa Claus and a snowman.

Using characters to decorate your home this Christmas

With this terrific selection of unusual Christmas figures, you can transform your garden into a dazzling display, full of characters we all believe in and love being around at this time of the year. The roll call includes Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer and polar bears, all illuminated and looking terrific particularly on a dark winter’s evening.

Traditionally attired light up Father Christmases are pictured waving and delivering presents while the snowmen with hats, scarfs and red noses brush the path and even have time to ski. Reindeer are very cute with some pulling Santa’s sledge full of parcels, and the polar bears with coal-black eyes and noses prowl about the ice, one mother playing with her youngster.

The acrylic that’s used to portray some of these outdoor Christmas figures is very durable, able to withstand being left outside battered and frozen by a British winter. The characters come alive due to a mass of internal LEDs that shine brightly through the acrylic, accentuating both the whiteness of the ornaments and the various reds, blues and greens.. Made from illuminated acrylic or fabulous quality resin, Christmas penguin characters will be a very cute and welcome addition to your home or garden, perhaps displayed alongside other Christmas decorations such as polar bears and reindeer.

Extremely popular every year, our light-up Christmas reindeer characters are fabulous pieces for the front garden, offering vibrant depictions of these charismatic animals that are best known for pulling Santa’s sleigh. They bring the joy of Christmas, as well as your presents, to every home and garden.

Whether they're waving, sweeping or just smiling, Christmas snowman characters are a well-loved feature of the festive season. Even though snow rarely falls on Christmas day, there's no getting around the fact that Christmas wouldn't be the same without snowmen.