Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are the focal point of everyone’s home over the festive season, that’s why we think it's important to buy one that looks fabulous, and matches the theme and style of the rest of your Christmas decorations. Whether you're looking to buy a realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree, or a contemporary pre-lit one for easier decorating, at world of Christmas we have plenty of artificial Christmas trees to choose from, ready to order online with delivery to your home.

Get to know our Christmas trees

Dive into the festive season with an air of enchantment as you explore our exclusive array of top-notch artificial Christmas trees! Each one is brimming with an unparalleled charm, ready to capture the spirit of Yuletide in your home. So that you can more easily find the tree for you, we've labelled each tree with some handy icons relating the that tree's features. See what the features are with our handy guide:

Pick a size Christmas tree icon.
Pick A Size
This Christmas tree is available in multiple sizes, making it easier to find the perfect one to match your home and available space. Choose your size from the options on each tree page.
Prelit lights Christmas tree icon.
Prelit Lights
This Christmas tree comes with a set of pre-attached lights, making setting up and decorating your tree quicker and easier as the lights are already strung around the tree branches.
Slimline Christmas tree icon.
This Christmas tree has been designed to be slimline, having a smaller overall width and branch diameter, making it suited for those with restricted space in the home.
Natural finish Christmas tree icon.
Natural Finish
The branches and tips on this Christmas tree are finished in realistic tones of green for a natural look. Ideal for those wanting an organic finish without that plasticky finish.
Snow effect Christmas tree icon.
Snow Effect
The branches and tips on this Christmas tree have been finished with a covering of realistic-looking snow particles, for that freshly-snowed look.
Frost effect Christmas tree icon.
Frost Effect
The branches and tips on this Christmas tree have been finished with a covering of realistic-looking ice particles, for that icy morning look.
Colour themed Christmas tree icon.
Colour Themed
This Christmas tree comes in a specific colour that isn't the normal realistic green tone. Ideal for those needing a tree to match their chosen Christmas decoration colour palette.
Most popular Christmas tree icon.
Most Popular
This model is one of our most popular selling artificial Christmas tree designs.

A selection of artificial Christmas trees on a display stand standing next to each other.

The three main types of artificial Christmas trees

Realistic artificial Christmas trees
Our range of realistic artificial Christmas trees are designed to mimic the splendor and texture of real trees. These natural-looking Christmas trees are perfect for those who love the traditional feel of a real Christmas tree but prefer a more convenient, mess-free option. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each branch and needle offers a lifelike appearance and touch. Ready to string with your chosen set of Christmas tree lights, all of trees are made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your tree remains a festive centerpiece for years to come. Forget the hassle of watering and needle drop; these trees are built to deliver a fuss-free holiday experience. Browse through our collection to find the perfect natural-looking artificial Christmas tree that suits your home's holiday decor.

Slim artificial Christmas trees
For those who want to maximize their holiday cheer whilst saving on space, our collection of slim artificial Christmas trees are ideal for smaller living areas, tight corners, or anywhere you'd like to add a festive touch without overwhelming the space. Despite their slim profile, these trees offer all the charm and grandeur of a full-sized tree, making them an excellent choice for apartments, offices, or secondary rooms. Their sleek design ensures they fit into narrow spaces while still providing ample room for your favorite Christmas ornaments and decorations. Explore our range of slimline artificial Christmas trees and make the most out of every inch this holiday season.

Pre lit artificial Christmas trees
Illuminate your festive celebrations effortlessly with our pre-arranged Christmas trees with lights. These trees come pre-installed with high-quality LED lights, eliminating the need for tangled wires and time-consuming setup. Choose from a range of lighting options, from warm white to multi-colored bulbs, all easily controlled with an integral multi-action setting controller. The lights are long-lasting and energy-efficient, thanks to low voltage and low wattage designs, ensuring that you not only save time but also money on your energy bill. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our pre-lit trees offer a dazzling display that adds instant holiday spirit to any setting. Shop now and light up your holidays with our enchanting pre-lit artificial Christmas trees.

Picking the best artificial Christmas tree

Since the Victorian times, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a tree and, to get over the problem of needles dropping all over the floor, positioning away from radiators, watering etc. realistic artificial Christmas trees have become enormously popular throughout the UK over the real thing. But with so many brands, types and styles available today, how do you find the best artificial Christmas trees that will both look amazing in your home, and last for many years of use.

First, let's explore the charming realm of artificial Christmas trees, each category exuding a distinct character. There are three main replica tree species types when it comes to shopping online, these being a traditional fir, a majestic pine, a delightful spruce, and a rustic cedar. Fir is the most common choice, a staple of holiday celebrations, its verdant branches offering a thick, full-bodied spectacle. Or perhaps you may lean towards a majestic pine, its robust silhouette speaking of grandeur and maturity. A snow-kissed spruce might call out to you, its faux-snow dusting adding a serene wintry allure. Or, maybe, the simplicity of the rustic cedar, with its sparse and slender branches, resonates with your festive spirit.

When choosing the perfect tree online, pay close attention to the details and listed features.  Does it have a 'mixed needle' design for depth and texture? A close inspection of the colour gradient, from deep forest greens to light verdant hues, can hint at the lifelike appeal of the tree. The thickness of the tree, known as its 'density', can give your tree a full-bodied, healthy appearance. For added convenience, consider pre-lit options to save you time and effort.

Secondly, consider the tree height and check it against your ceiling space. A tree too tall or too short may disrupt the harmony of your room, whilst the perfect fit will feel as if it were made just for your home. Remember, choosing your Christmas tree is an emotional journey, a chance to invoke festive memories and create new ones.

A close up view of the branches on a natural-look artificial green Christmas tree.

Natural-looking artificial Christmas trees

Our range of natural artificial trees stand tall in their glory, mimicking their reallife counterparts to perfection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, many of our trees boast an intricate blend of lush green needles. Every branch being designed with a unique texture, reflecting the variations seen in nature. As you touch the delicate needles, they evoke the sensation of strolling through a crisp, winter forest.

For those who adore a sense of convenience intertwined with splendor, our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees with lights are the perfect match. These radiant wonders come pre-strung with energy-efficient LED lights. Simply plug in to unveil an enchanting spectacle, instantly transforming your space into a cosy winter wonderland. The twinkle of these lights dances around the room, warming the coldest of December nights.

Don't forget our whimsical frosted and snowy trees. These delightful trees bear a dusting of faux snow, providing a glistening winter charm that glows amidst your festive décor. The soft crunch of the frost beneath your fingertips adds a magical touch, evoking images of soft snowflakes gently falling on Christmas Eve.

Whether it's the realistic appeal of our pine series, the illuminating charm of spruces, or the frosty allure of the frosted snow trees, each one has been crafted to inspire awe and foster precious festive memories. So delight your senses, captivate your heart and choose a realistic artificial Christmas tree that is not merely a decoration but a beacon of warmth and joy this holiday season.

A close up photo of a realistic looking Christmas tree that has pre lit lights attached.

Are pre lit artificial Christmas trees with lights worth it?

Pre-lit trees come dressed to impress, their branches already adorned with carefully strung lights, but is it worth paying a little more and choosing a pre-lit Christmas tree over one that's not pre-lit? There's definitely a hint of palpable magic in plugging in a pre-lit tree, watching it transform into a glowing marvel with virtually no effort. This ease of assembly saves precious time, leaving more moments for heartwarming holiday activities. The lights, professionally strung, are often evenly distributed, providing a consistent and harmonious glow. And the choice between warm or cool lights caters to different aesthetic preferences.

Non pre-lit trees, on the other hand, are a blank canvas. They offer the freedom and flexibility to change your festive colour scheme each year, from classic warm whites to a rainbow of colour, it's all down to your personal whim. You can control the amount and placement of lights, and let your creativity run wild. While a pre-lit tree might be a slightly more expensive investment upfront, consider the cost of separate lights and the time you’d save year after year. If convenience, uniformity, and time-saving appeal to you, a pre-lit tree could indeed be worth it.

If, however, the ritual of wrapping the tree with twinkling lights brings you joy, or you enjoy changing your festive aesthetic each year, a non pre-lit tree would be your star choice. In the end, both types of trees are designed to bring festive cheer and magic into your home. Choose the one that best fits into your yuletide vision and fills your heart with the most joy.

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