Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home At Christmas

In this guide, we explore some fun ways to decorate the inside of your home with a range of Christmas decorations, lights and figures to introduce colour and light to the festive season.

The festive season is the perfect time to sprinkle your home with joy, warmth, and a dash of magic. Let's embark on a journey to explore fun ways to bring the enchanting spirit of Christmas into your home.

Reverting back to that traditional Christmas style

When first becoming popular in the Victorian age, Christmas trees were decorated with edibles such as apples, nuts or dates and later lit with candles. Today, that tradition has evolved, although, going back to basics and traditional decorations are coming back into fashion again. With a vivid display of tinsel, ornaments, sweets and chocolate that complement vibrant lighting, there's no need to go over the top, when the classic ways are still perfectly cosy and Christmassy.

Glittering tinsel is the perfect accompaniment to brighten up the Christmas lights wrapped around the branches, and together with delicate glass ornaments and baubles from simple round balls to more intricate designs offer metallic glitz. Also think about small plush figures of father Christmas and snowmen, as well as reindeer or snowflakes to hang from the branches together with the chocolate coins.

Finally, the most important long-established adornment is, of course, the angel or star that's usually placed by a small child, excited by all the Christmas festivities, stretching to the top of the tree. A beautiful golden fairy, fashioned with fibre optic strands so that she also changes colour, is an exquisite finishing touch to any tree.

Reverting back to that traditional Christmas style

Utilising wreaths, swags and garlands

Wreaths, swags and garlands are Christmas decorations traditionally used for centuries to dress your front door, walls, fireplace or staircase.

For an alternative to fresh wreaths there's a wide choice of artificial ones, these have the advantage of a longer life span and many are brightly lit by battery powered LEDs to add another attractive dimension.

As with their freshly prepared counterparts, there are foliage only versions that can be self- decorated or many others that are already overflowing with highly realistic berries, baubles and real pine cones.

Poinsettias are very popular at this time of the year and they are a fashionable decoration whether their flamboyant bracts are naturally bright red, gold or silver, with burgundy poinsettias looking fabulous when accompanied by dark berries and cones on a backdrop of browns and deep green.

Many of these artificial wreaths have a frosted appearance which blends perfectly with silver and white elements and contrasts beautifully with red berries and dark cones.

Both fresh and artificial wreaths will bring a real sense of occasion to what is the most special time of the year, they each have advantages but hung on your front door or inside your home, both celebrate tradition with natural beauty and perhaps just a little glitz.

Utilising wreaths, swags and garlands

Create a miniature world with silhouettes and scenes

Idyllic scenes with bobble hatted people shopping and playing against a frosty backdrop, will transform your home's ambiance, creating a joyous atmosphere and enhancing your enjoyment of the festivities.

LED's are used to great effect in these decorative pieces to illuminate them from within ,with a wide variety of models available from vibrantly coloured miniature houses to scenes of Santa arriving with his reindeers, or even a lavishly decorated village, full of miniature people going about their business at Christmas time, beautifully lit by blues, oranges and greens.

Silhouettes are beautifully made from delightful fret cut wood, each one with alpine scenes featuring skiers, houses or a village subtly illuminated to create a marvellous Christmassy tableau decorated by the traditional colours and frosty snow.

Kaemingk is another company who have introduced intriguing and very colourful contemporary displays that feature cityscapes of Paris and Moscow. With the Eiffel Tower and St Basil's Cathedral as centrepieces illuminated by multi-coloured LEDs, snow on the ground, skaters and a carousel, the magic of these scenes is enhanced by movement and music.

Powered either by batteries or mains with a transformer and positioned on a window sill or perhaps as a table centrepiece, these decorations will brightly add to your enjoyment of Christmas with their seasonal scenes reflecting the traditions that we value so highly.

Create a miniature world with silhouettes and scenes

The obvious: snowmen and santa

Illuminated Christmas characters including iconic personalities such as Santa Claus, snowmen and the animals that we associate with this festive time of the year – polar bears, reindeer and penguins - can populate your garden, delightful depictions that will enchant all your guests.

There are cheerful snowmen with blue buttons and carrot noses in a number of poses, posting cards, ringing bells, ski-ing and sweeping snow. Father Christmas is pictured driving a steam train full of presents, with a sack on his back or just waving at passers-by. Reindeer look particularly elegant in ice white acrylic, their sparkling filigree bodies pictured prancing, grazing and at rest. 

Although there's no guarantee he'll take any notice, other novelty items include a 'Santa Stop Here' sign.

The obvious: snowmen and santa

Sparkling stars and icy snowflakes

Nothing can be more redolent of this time of the year than a starlit sky and light up starts and snowflakes will certainly not disappoint. 

With a lovely filigree appearance that sparkles with light,  these stars can be particularly attractive when arranged along a staircase, against a feature wall or hung in a window. 

Our gorgeous LED Christmas stars can be located inside the house or in the garden, perhaps hanging from the roof. There are seven stars, each with ten warm white LEDs to create a marvellous impression.

You don't have to dream of a white Christmas when you have LED snowflakes illuminating around your home. Looking spectacular in the evening as the night draws in, these snowflakes are a popular choice for those looking to create their own Christmas lights display at the front of their home. Made from high-quality metal for the main shape, the snowflakes glow as though the symmetrical six-pointed crystals were for real.

Sparkling stars and icy snowflakes

10 more ideas to decorate your home this Christmas

Dress Your Tree with Personality
Instead of the standard baubles and stars, why not decorate your tree with items that tell a story? This could be children's handmade crafts, vintage ornaments, or souvenirs from your travels. This personal touch transforms your Christmas tree into a captivating centrepiece of cherished memories.

Create a Festive Fireplace
Adorn your mantle with lush evergreen garlands, twinkling fairy lights, and festive ornaments. Stockings hung from the fireplace add a classic touch. Consider also adding scented candles in Christmas fragrances like cinnamon, pine, or mulled wine to engage your sense of smell.

Window Wonders
Transform your windows into a festive showcase. Hang a beautiful wreath, create a charming silhouette with removable window decals, or line the sill with warm LED candles. Your windows will be a beacon of Christmas cheer both inside and outside your home.

Cosy Corners
Create cosy Christmas nooks around your home. A soft throw, plump cushions in festive colours, and a basket of Christmas-themed books next to your favourite chair can create a perfect spot for relaxing on chilly winter evenings.

Whimsical Tablescapes
Make meal times magical with a festive tablescape. A runner made from holly and ivy, candles of different heights, and charming Christmas-themed napkin rings can make every meal feel like a celebration. Don't forget a centrepiece— a bowl filled with glittery baubles or a miniature pre-lit Christmas tree.

Staircase Spruce-Up
Dress up your staircase with garlands intertwined with fairy lights. Tying festive bows on the bannister or hanging mini stockings for each family member can add a touch of whimsy.

Sweet Treats Display
Arrange a display of festive treats like candy canes, gingerbread cookies, or foil-wrapped chocolates in clear glass jars. It's not only visually appealing but also handy for satisfying those sweet-tooth cravings!

Joyful Doorways
Welcome guests with festively adorned doorways. String lights, hang mistletoe, or create a festive curtain with colourful paper chains or ribbons.

Magic of Miniatures
Arrange miniature Christmas figures or a nativity scene on your sideboard or coffee table. This can serve as a charming festive focal point and a conversation starter.

Starry Ceiling
Hang paper or foil stars of different sizes from your ceiling. They'll twinkle in the light, creating a magical starry sky indoors.

Remember, the goal is to fill your home with items that spark joy and embody the Christmas spirit. This is the season to let your imagination take the reins and create a Christmas wonderland that fills your heart with festive delight every time you step through your door. Happy decorating!