Christmas Room Decorations

It's the most wonderful time of the year to fill your home and garden with an abundance of Christmas room decorations, whether it be as a focal point in the living room, or to spread festive cheer in the kitchen or hallway. Here at World of Christmas, we have a huge selection of Christmas room decorations for sale, from those traditionally associated with this time of the year, the most obvious is Father Christmas, to candle bridges and glitter lanterns designed to inspire awe.

A Christmas garland that has been decorated in golden decorations and dried fruit such as orange slices.

Top 3 popular Christmas decorations that aren't for your tree

No.1 Glitter lanterns
Glitter lanterns are a great way to create a traditional seasonal ambience to welcome visitors over the festive season, and at World of Christmas we have a wonderful selection from leading manufacturers Konstsmide and Premier. Embellishing your house at Christmas bring lightness to a dark corner of any home. Similar to old filament lights but much smaller, glitter lanterns are much more energy efficient and their bright light has a much greater impact compared with the old lamps. They help to add a real Dickensian feeling to the festivities, especially when accompanied by a Christmas Carol. 

On the mantlepiece, in the hall, on the landing, these lanterns are illuminated by energy-efficient LEDs, modern technology that maximizes the impact that these very popular decorations make on your celebrations. They're very energy efficient and their bright light has a much greater impact compared with the old lamps.

No.2 Candle bridges
Christmas candle bridges are a great way to welcome visitors to your home and also spread Christmas cheer. There’s quite a selection, some blend tradition with modern design and materials while others are purely contemporary. Candlesticks and candle bridges are our most popular and recognizable window light, made from metal or wood in a number of styles that range from rustic timber to elegant copper. Single natural wax candlesticks with flickering LEDs are also best sellers.

We offer for sale a wonderful range of Christmas candle bridges at the best possible price, popular styles that can be either contemporary or traditional, sometimes a mixture of both, though always of the best quality and sourced from leading manufacturers such as Premier and Konstsmide. There’s certainly plenty of choices, modern black, white and silver versions with LEDs replicating the flame, wooden ones similarly illuminated.

No.3 Silhouette scenes
Silhouette scenes bring an alternate festive destination to your home in the way of a beautifully-crated, miniature world. Real world locations such as London and Paris, as well as general Christmassy places like market stools, cosy log cabins and entire villages, all in a miniature stature come elegantly lit with warming lights that bring the entire scene to life.

Placeable on a mantle, side table or as a main attraction on the dining table at home, these Christmas scenes let your imagination run wild as you sit and stare at the intricate detailing, and the world that's been depicted by each individual scene.